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Port Company of Mostaganem


The town of Mostagnem had no harbor, and between the Salamander and Kharrouba tips stretched a long, narrow beach strewn with rocks that were dangerous for navigation. The little "Pirate Bay" known as Marsa El Ghanaïm - the port of booty - gave its name to the town of Mostaganem.

  • In 1840

    The first wooden landing stage was built here, followed by a masonry structure that would become the future harbor.

  • In 1848

    An 80m-long pier was built, reaching 325m in 1881.

  • In 1890

    The first major works began.

  • In 1904

    the 1st harbor basin was born.

  • Between late 1955 and early 1959

    430m of berth was built in the 2nd basin.
    Since then, the port has been gradually developed to meet the new needs of the region's harmonious development. The development of the port and the town of Mostaganem go hand in hand, and there will be no let-up in this growth in a situation where new ecoNameic reforms are underway, leading the country irreversibly towards a market ecoNamey.