Mostaganem en 1945

Notre port en 1945



Mostaganem is located in northern Algeria, 365 km west of Algiers, the country's capital. Situated close to the major oil and gas pole of Arzew, the port of Mostaganem is the shortest route for shipping goods to the oil and gas regions of Hassi-Messaoud, Hassi-R'mel, Hassi- Berkine and Haoudh-El-Hamra. Located in an agricultural zone, its hinterland is made up of 12 Wilayas to the north and south, representing a quarter of Algeria's total administrative districts and a third of the country's surface area. The port is situated in the Gulf of Arzew: =>Altitude: 35° 56´ North =>Longitude: 00° 05´ East.